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Cloudways Autoscale for WordPress: Get Early Access Today

At Cloudways, we’ve always focused on providing flexible WordPress hosting solutions, allowing users to choose their infrastructure provider, server size, and custom configurations.

But we heard you loud and clear – you’ve expressed the need for a solution that is fully managed by us, delivering fast and reliable WordPress websites that generate revenue without interruptions.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Cloudways Autoscale – our new fully managed WordPress hosting with autoscaling, load balancing, and high availability. So, you may focus on growing your business while we handle your hosting needs!

As we work towards adding more features and functionality, you can request early access to the BETA and be among the first to experience the future of cloud hosting.

See What Cloudways Autoscale Pricing Looks Like.

Only 250 seats available.

What Is Cloudways Autoscale?

Cloudways Autoscale is a fully managed hosting solution for WordPress that scales resources automatically and in real-time to handle the traffic needs of your websites. It is designed to help you forget about servers and infrastructure and focus on your business.

Powered by Kubernetes, Autoscale uses load balancers to distribute traffic efficiently to maximize website speed and performance. Your hosting resources automatically scale up and down with traffic demand, keeping your WordPress or WooCommerce sites always up and running.

We’ve also integrated Cloudflare’s enterprise-level edge cache and CDN, delivering the fastest possible experience to customers globally. At the same time, the premium Redis Object cache Pro plugin for WordPress is included at no extra cost, which helps to ensure your databases are optimized for maximum performance.

Cloudways Autoscale delivers hands-off High Availability (HA), practically infinite autoscaling, and enterprise-level performance. Our comprehensive…

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