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Scheduling with SafeUpdates

Introducing a Simpler Scheduling Process for SafeUpdates

New year, new resolutions, and a better way of getting things done.

We’re talking about improving your experience using SafeUpdates for your WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates.

Not familiar with Cloudways SafeUpdates? Jump straight to our refresher on it.

The Update to SafeUpdates – Past vs. Present

Previously, activating SafeUpdates required users to set a schedule and pick WordPress core, plugins, and themes of their choice for configuration.

These two steps are not a necessity anymore for SafeUpdates to run updates.

Now, activating SafeUpdates is a breeze. All you need to do is hit “activate,” and SafeUpdates SafeUpdates will automatically manage updates based on a default schedule, covering all plugins and themes on your site.

How Does This Improvement Help?

So, the new enhancement streamlines the activation process by eliminating two steps.

It further simplifies the management of websites when adding new plugins or themes. With the updated system, you won’t have to go to the “Custom Update list” again and specify that new plugin as well.

But if you previously had plugins and themes specified in the “Custom Update list” but now want SafeUpdates to run updates on all plugins and themes, new and old, simply deselect all previously selected items and save changes. SafeUpdates will then automatically update all your new and old plugins during its next run.

Have existing applications with SafeUpdates enabled but scheduling not set? Don’t worry. SafeUpdates will automatically enable the schedule, ensuring seamless updates without the need for a custom list.

A Quick Refresher on SafeUpdates & How It Works

SafeUpdates is built for WordPress and WooCommerce websites to automate plugins, themes, and core updates safely.

It brings efficiency together with automation in a single tool. It doesn’t just automate detection & a backup but also efficiently tests all…

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