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Cloudflare’s Improved Cache & Security Analytics on Cloudways

A while back, we noticed a suggestion on our feedback page that some of you pointed out: While our Cloudflare add-on did wonders for your website’s performance and security, it lacked any insight into the exact usage of Cloudflare’s cache as well as the benefits of each security feature.

To further validate this request, we reached out to a few of you using the add-on extensively across multiple sites.

Turns out, even though the Cloudflare add-on was functioning well behind the scenes & protecting your sites from any harm, the lack of any value indicator restricted you from determining the exact outcome of adding Cloudflare. This was a real pain point, especially for those using it for clients.

Taking your feedback to heart, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a solution to resolve this issue. Your feedback told us exactly what you wanted! Insights into various cache & security events along with their sources. Similar to that offered by Cloudflare directly.

Our Solution: Cache & Security Analytics

And with that, we’re delighted to announce the addition of cache & security analytics to the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on, letting you easily see the number of requests being served by Cloudflare vs Origin, as well as a breakdown of each request’s status along with their sources.

Similarly, it’ll let you track the amount of malicious traffic blocked and the potentially malicious actors challenged by the add-on with a breakdown of specific services, blocking these and their sources.

At the moment, you can view data for the last 72 hours. Rest assured, we’re working hard behind the scenes to enhance this capability further.

What Is cache Analytics in Cloudflare?

Our cache analytics implementation provides simple insights into your website’s performance with just two main variables. requests (by number) and data transfer.

Each of these is broken down into an…

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