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Cloudways’ Exciting Journey in 2023: Year-in-Review

Cloudways’ Exciting Journey in 2023: Year-in-Review

2023 will be remembered as one where the world grappled with cascading challenges and conflicts, the rise of generative AI, and many more groundbreaking advancements.

At Cloudways, though, we’ll remember 2023 as the year we fully integrated into the DigitalOcean family and for the many innovations, enhancements, success stories, and community efforts we made to give you the best possible tools to dominate online!

So, it only makes sense that we reflect on the year and give you a holistic view of what we did with your trust, along with 100,000+ users, in choosing Cloudways with your online presence.

You’ll also get a short glimpse of what’s coming in 2024 (hint: there’s a lot), so buckle up and dive in!

Celebrating Your Journey

Our unwavering commitment to our customers has guided every step we’ve taken and every improvement we’ve made. We’ve listened to your needs, understood your pain points, and tailored our services to provide you with the best possible experience.

This year’s achievements, from launching a Unified Interface to significantly reducing the WordPress launch time and conducting over 99,000 live chats with a 96% customer satisfaction rate, are all testaments to this customer-centric approach.

Product & Engineering

Our Product and Engineering Teams worked relentlessly to deeply understand and address your needs. Every feature we’ve built and every enhancement we’ve made directly responds to your feedback.

Here’s how you and other users have responded to our product and engineering efforts:

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is on the frontline of our customer focus. With over 99,000+ live chats and a 96% satisfaction rate, we’ve been able to directly address our customers’ concerns and provide immediate assistance.

99,000+ live chats with 96% CSAT
18,500+ support tickets handled with 93%+ SLA
100% SLA on managed migrations


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