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Crafting Success with Unique E-Commerce Designs

Crafting Success with Unique E-Commerce Designs

Dazze is an award-winning design studio that distinguishes itself in the eCommerce realm by constructing original and purposeful online experiences.

Catering to both start-ups and established brands, Dazze has contributed to generating millions in annual sales, with an impressive Average Order Value exceeding £250 for several client stores.

When we asked them about their secret to achieving such a high AOV for their clients, especially considering Oberlo cites the UK’s average order value in eCommerce as £100.63, Dazze told us that:

“We break away from the eCommerce sameness by building original and intentional online experiences. ”

This certainly intrigued us, and we sought to delve deeper into Dazze’s story. Join us in this Agency Spotlight as we explore the secrets to their success and uncover the role that Cloudways has played in their journey.

Q#1: Give a brief description of your agency. Tell us in detail about your humble beginnings. What’s your story and inspiration?

Well, it all started with my stint in the e-commerce world. Spent a good 15 years climbing the ladder from executive to director.

But the more I moved up the hierarchy, the more I noticed a serious case of déjà vu in the e-commerce scene. Everyone seemed to be following the same old playbook when it came to website design.

So, in 2019, I decided to shake things up a bit. That’s when I came up with Dazze – my very own design studio on a mission to offer my clients eCommerce stores that not only looked killer but also performed like rockstars.

It’s been a wild ride since then, and we’re still here, breaking molds and doing what we do best.

Q#2: What’s the niche of your business? Why did you opt to work in that niche?

Oh, we’re all about the e-commerce hustle at Dazze! Our niche is carving out original and top-notch online stores that make a statement.

Why e-commerce, you ask?


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