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Introducing Cloudways Autonomous in General Availability

Introducing Cloudways Autonomous in General Availability

“Our client’s downtime went from 20% during traffic spikes to 0%. Overall, page speeds and overall performance of the website have significantly improved. Our syncing with the retail POS systems went down from an average of 4 mins to 10 seconds.”

A response by Weston Crewe of Local & Co when asked about any performance improvements they observed after moving to Autonomous.

On April 13th, 2023, we announced the beta version of Cloudways Autonomous (previously Autoscale), representing a hands-off managed hosting experience with built-in True Autoscaling specifically designed for WordPress. Autonomous was the next step in our mission to open up the Cloud.

And your response to the beta version was phenomenal, with over 900 applications within the first month of launch from various industries, including LMS sites, eCommerce stores, influencer sites, & even media platforms.

This innovative solution empowered SMBs & SMEs to leverage Autoscaling seamlessly, providing peace of mind for their businesses. Previously, these capabilities were often inaccessible due to factors like complexity, prohibitive pricing, or the need for substantial human resources required to set up & maintain a true autoscaling infrastructure.

While initial impressions from beta testers were great, our primary focus remained on validating and improving the product to meet your standards. Throughout the beta period, we constantly refined our systems & processes and introduced features and pricing changes based on customer requests.

Announcing General Availability – Cloudways Autonomous (Previously Autoscale)

After all these efforts, we’re glad to announce the General Availability of Cloudways Autonomous, formerly known as Autoscale. The name change is driven by our aspirations, something we’ll delve into shortly.

Starting from $35/month, Autonomous plans provide a hands-off hosting experience where you can…

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