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New DNS Made Easy Add-on: Simplify DNS Management Now!

New DNS Made Easy Add-on: Simplify DNS Management Now!

Recall the frustration of waiting for DNS changes to take place the last time you updated records? Well, you’re not alone. Managing DNS can be a real headache for SMBs.

Be it the complexity of understanding records, navigating between platforms, uptime issues, or simply having to wait for changes & constantly refreshing post changes—it can all be a huge inconvenience.

These pain points started cropping up on our feedback page in the form of requests. Initially, we tried to cater to this issue through a collaboration with DNS Made Easy which offered a fully managed experience. i.e., users would be able to manage their DNS through support.

However, as our user base expanded, it became clear that while this solution suited beginners, it bottlenecked those of you managing multiple domains.

And so the requests started coming in. Users wanted direct control to be able to manage their accounts effectively.

Introducing New & Improved DNS Made Easy Add-on

As a result of your feedback, we’re excited to announce a new version of the DNS Made Easy Add-on. With a user-friendly platform, better Analytics, email DNS templates, and a flexible pricing model managing your DNS has never been easier.

Here’s what you get:

Simple & easy-to-use Interface: Add domains, monitor traffic, and manage DNS records with ease.
Instant DNS Propagation: No more waiting for DNS changes! DNS Made Easy’s Nameservers help provide immediate  implementation.
ANAME Records: Enjoy faster performance & increased simplicity with ANAME records.
Powerful Analytics: Gain insights into monthly query usage.
Email Templates: Save time with pre-made email templates for our Elastic Email & Rackspace Email Add-ons.
Scalable Pricing: Only pay for the domains and queries you use, starting at just $0.50 per domain per month. Each domain comes with 500,000 queries. Need more queries? You’ll be charged on an as-used basis at…

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