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16 New Data Centers Added by Cloudways for Enhanced Hosting

16 New Data Centers Added by Cloudways for Enhanced Hosting

Cloudways is excited to announce the addition of 16 new data centers to our server lineup. Consisting of a mix of AWS & GCE servers, these will open up 13 new locations for Cloudways users.

Before, customers had the choice of 42 Data Centers across 30 different locations with our 3 Cloud providers. With these new additions, our customers will be able to choose from a total of 58 data centers across 43 different locations.

Whether you’re looking to boost performance in Europe or expand to new markets like the Middle East, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the new locations include Tel Aviv, Doha, Munich, and other regions we haven’t been able to offer until now. We can’t wait for new and existing customers alike to take advantage of these data centers and unlock new hosting possibilities.

New Data Center Locations

We selected these new locations based on two key factors – expanding Cloudways coverage and customer demand. Many of the added regions were previously unavailable on our platform. Hence, establishing data centers in these locations allows us to offer our customers the flexibility to host in even more regions.

We also considered where users have shown significant interest when choosing locations. For example, we observed significant demand from individuals in Israel and South Korea. As a result, we have added Tel Aviv and Seoul to serve these markets with in-region hosting options better.

By choosing locations that balance expanding our footprint and emerging customer demand, we aim to provide infrastructure choices that best fit our customer needs.

The new data center locations are as follows:

** Note that the GCE servers in Doha, Tel Aviv, Delhi, Jakarta, Osaka & Seoul will become available for launch within the next week.

Understanding Regional Capabilities

Server Types on Cloudways

You can launch two types of AWS servers & three types of GCE servers on…

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