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How to Fix “Avoid an Excessive DOM Size” in WordPress

Ever been working on your WordPress site, and suddenly you’re hit with an “Avoid an Excessive DOM Size” warning? Yeah, it’s a bit of a headache. This warning pops up when your webpage’s Document Object Model (DOM) size goes beyond what’s recommended.

But don’t fret, you can fix this by optimizing your WordPress site. This involves reducing the elements on your page and structuring your HTML efficiently. Also, be careful when choosing plugins and themes, as they can increase your DOM size.

This blog post is here to help. It provides practical steps to fix the “Avoid an Excessive DOM Size” warning. By the end, you’ll be ready to optimize your WordPress site, speed it up, and improve your users’ experience. Let’s get started!

What Is the “Avoid an Excessive DOM Size” Warning?

The “Avoid an Excessive DOM Size” warning is a performance flag from website auditing tools like Google’s Lighthouse. It indicates that a webpage’s Document Object Model (DOM) has too many nodes. This can negatively impact the site’s performance.

A DOM is a representation of a webpage that browsers use to render the site. It comprises nodes, which are HTML elements like tags and text. When a DOM has too many nodes, it’s called an “Excessive DOM Size”.

To maintain optimal performance, it’s generally recommended to have fewer than 1,500 DOM nodes on a page. The depth of the DOM should be minimized to less than 32 nested levels. This reduces the complexity of the DOM.

It’s also advisable to avoid having parent nodes with more than 60 child nodes. This prevents any single node from becoming too complex. These practices can help avoid the “Excessive DOM Size” warning.

– Google Lighthouse Showing Recommendations

How Does a Large DOM Impact Site Speed and UX?

Website performance is crucial as it directly impacts the user experience.

A well-performing website loads…

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