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The Complete Guide All You Need to Know

The Complete Guide All You Need to Know

A community-led open source content management system, ClassicPress splits off WordPress 4.9.x to preserve the classic TinyMCE editor as the default alternative. It’ll be promptly recognizable to WordPress 4.9.x users. ClassicPress combines careful, deliberate planning with the insight and collective wisdom of the ClassicPress community.

The decision between WordPress and ClassicPress comes down more to what your requirements are, and whether you run a professional, business, or personal website. In this article, we will provide a hands-on comparison between WordPress and its alternative, ClassicPress.

What is ClassicPress?

ClassicPress uses the familiar WordPress interface longtime WordPress clients know, and releases standard security overhauls. In addition, it has dynamic community gatherings and a Slack channel.

It’s a WordPress alternative for users who don’t want the block editor experience or the Classic Editor plugin.

Pros of ClassicPress

Improved Security

ClassicPress leads a “security-first” approach. All security patches from WordPress are backported to ClassicPress. No matter how exciting a new feature is, it won’t be included if it’s not secure.

Less Bloat

ClassicPress trims unnecessary plugins and features from the WordPress core, and actively seeks smart ways to reduce code bloat.

Long Term Support

Constant WordPress changes and updates run the risk of your site breaking. The ClassicPress community has committed to long-term support and backward compatibility, so those sorts of issues shouldn’t be a problem.

Block-free Editor

ClassicPress is the choice for people unimpressed with WordPress’s Gutenberg blocks. With its classic editor and ClassicPress block-free interface, you’ll develop a solution that suits your needs.



While most plugins should continue to operate with ClassicPress, in time, well-known plugins may no longer work as…

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