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What is Sulu CMS and Why Is It a Go-To CMS For Developers?

What is Sulu CMS and Why Is It a Go-To CMS For Developers?

Sulu is a content management system built on Symfony PHP that supports highly customized content administration and publishing environments on the backend. Symfony and Sulu are both open source, free, supported by significant professional communities, and offer expert support.

Sulu is the go-to CMS for many agencies and developers within the PHP Symfony framework since it leverages a set of components ready to construct adaptable and performant backend solutions.

Let’s dive in to learn more about Sulu CMS.

Sulu CMS: An Overview

Digital agency professionals have developed Sulu for office professionals to offer everything a digital agency would need to build a project proficiently.

Sulu is designed with high-performance benchmarking at its core, without using any plugins. Integrated SEO functions help sites deliver their best performance to users, search engines, and third-party applications.

How Does Sulu Work?

Sulu is built on top of a well-organized, feature-rich Symfony system.

Symfony’s Model-View-Controller (MVC) structural design is perfect for building systematic and adaptable web applications. The MVC design separates the application into three independent layers:

The Model layer describes data structures and their relations
The View layer focuses on complex business logic
The Controller layer exchanges data between the model and view layers

One of the main advantages of the MVC design is that it makes application management easier since each logical element is kept separate. Therefore, changing one area doesn’t affect the others.

For example, you can use the same data within the Admin portal and both web and mobile applications. This allows you to build fully scalable, easily maintainable, reliable backend solutions.

Why Choose Sulu CMS?

Sulu’s unique bundle of features and performance makes it a top choice for developers. This section covers some important…

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