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Founder & CEO of Ollyo

Founder & CEO of Ollyo

Kawshar Ahmed is the visionary Founder and CEO of Ollyo and has spilled all his success secrets in this exclusive interview with Cloudways. Let’s delve into his remarkable journey, from establishing renowned companies like JoomShaper and Themeum to creating revolutionary WordPress products like Tutor LMS and Droip.

Let’s discover the secrets behind his success, the inspiration that drives him, and his insights into the ever-evolving world of web development and e-learning.

Danish: Hi, Kawshar Ahmed. It’s a pleasure to have you with Cloudways. Let’s start with your introduction. How and when did you start in the WordPress industry?

Kawshar Ahmed: Hi there; thank you for having me. It’s great to be here too. Well, my journey in web development began in 2008, and in 2010, I founded JoomShaper, a prominent Joomla product company. Over the years, we have developed and launched over 120 premium Joomla templates, more than 30 Joomla extensions, and two notable products: SP Page Builder, which is the most popular Joomla page builder, and Helix, a renowned Joomla template framework.

In 2013, I also established Themeum to create the same template or theme for both Joomla and WordPress. Initially, Themeum sold its themes on the Envato marketplace and achieved success with some impressive themes. However, in 2018, our team collectively decided to enter the WordPress plugin industry, which brought about significant changes. I’d be happy to discuss this further if given the opportunity.

Currently, JoomShaper, Themeum, and all our other brands operate under the parent company named Ollyo. Recently, we relocated to Ollyo’s first campus.

Danish: You are the founder and CEO of multiple companies like JoomShaper, Themeum, IcoFont, and Ollyo. Our readers would love to know about your role at these companies and the inspiration behind creating them.

Kawshar Ahmed: As the CEO of these…

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