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Lucy Hurst Talks About How Ecommerce Businesses Can Scale

Lucy Hurst Talks About How Ecommerce Businesses Can Scale

Lucy Hurst is a managing director at Sherbet Donkey Media. The agency helps SMBs and enterprises achieve visibility over the internet.

She’s worked on several e-commerce projects and is here to share her precious experiences with us. In this interview, she shares some valuable insights for e-commerce businesses and also provides some actionable strategies that can help them scale faster.

Q. Let’s begin with some details about you first. Tell us about yourself and your past experiences.

A. So, I have a degree in Photography. I’ve always had a creative flair. As for the agency, I absolutely love seeing how Sherbet Donkey Media has grown over the past 15 months. And this is just the beginning, according to me. I see it as a long-term project that’s just catching momentum right now.

Q. Tell us about Sherbet Donkey Media. What are your business’s core offerings? What are some of your proud accomplishments as the Managing Director of Sherbet Donkey Media?

A. We have a fantastic team who all buzz off seeing clients get results. There’s one particular ecommerce project which made us really proud. We helped them with the SEO, and the results were amazing. We successfully increased their website sales 10x over just a 12-month period.
We’re now also starting to work with some bigger and more noteworthy clients too.

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Q. You’ve worked extensively with ecommerce businesses. Do you think SMBs still operating offline are leaving money on the table?

A. Absolutely. We live in a digital era now. More and more businesses are realising this, but if you’re the last one to the party, you’re going to miss out.

Q. Holiday season is the time for ecommerce businesses to ramp up…

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