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Interview With Michael Sumner, Front-end Developer, Codeable

Interview With Michael Sumner, Front-end Developer, Codeable

Michael Sumner is a WordPress specialist focusing on resolving errors and issues related to websites. He has remarkable expertise in troubleshooting WordPress websites and fixing problems related to plugins, themes, development, API integrations, membership, and community platforms.

He also possesses a unique skill set that allows him to increase website conversion rates significantly. With overall 4.99/5 ratings and 170 projects on Codeable, Michael Sumner is committed to providing reliable and effective solutions to website-related issues. Read this interview to know more about him!

Danish: Hi Michael, thank you for joining us. Let’s start with a brief introduction. When and how did you end up with WordPress, and how has it been so far?

Michael: Hey there, Danish! Sure, so I started finding a means to provide for my family, stumbled into WordPress and marketing, made my first sale, and have since begun to hone in on what attracts buyers and readers. After that, I started freelancing, picking up jobs, and assisting others to satisfy my thirst for WordPress knowledge.

I can say that WordPress has changed a lot over recent years. It is keeping up with the evolving web technologies, and I’m very excited about the modern JavaScript nature that WordPress is now becoming. PHP is still here to stay, but with the superpowers of JavaScript!

Danish: You were engaged in Army Training work before starting in the web world. I’d like to know why did you join the web world. How was your journey from a Battalion Commander to a web professional?

Michael: Thanks for asking! It’s not too different from being an IT professional. There are many military personnel who then proceed to work in IT. Fast-paced, forward-thinking, ever-evolving, “get things done” mindset, extreme ownership of tasks (if someone is on holiday, the sprints must keep their cadence). As always, extraordinary team…

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