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The Easy-to-Use WordPress Affiliate Plugin

The Easy-to-Use WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Are you considering starting an affiliate program for your business? Perfect then! This article is just for you.

If you’ve researched the subject, you probably know by now that an affiliate program has quite a few moving parts. It can all get overwhelmingly fast, from onboarding affiliates to tracking referrals to paying out affiliates. Really fast.

So choosing the right tool to power your affiliate program can make the difference between a great experience and a dreadful one, between a successful and unsuccessful one.

This is where SliceWP comes into play. Let’s find out how!

An Overview of SliceWP Plugin

If this is your first time hearing about SliceWP, just know that it is arguably one of the best affiliate plugins built specifically for WordPress-powered businesses.

Because it is a WordPress plugin, it connects deeply to WordPress and to eCommerce plugins that are built specifically for WordPress (WooCommerce and Paid Memberships Pro, for example. You’ll learn more about the supported plugins below.), making it far more versatile and integrated than a SaaS alternative.

Two huge benefits are apparent right away:

With SliceWP, you can manage your affiliate program from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. You have your eCommerce tools and affiliate program in the same interface, making managing your business far easier. Switching between multiple browser tabs is a thing of the past.
Because you can add your affiliate portal (discussed in-depth below) directly into your theme, your affiliates will have an overall better experience. All of your branding will be right there, and your affiliates will feel comfortable because they are already used to your website.

Besides these two benefits, though, there’s a lot more that SliceWP can offer you. Let’s dive deeper into the plugin’s features and explore how they can help you build the affiliate program to grow your…

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