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State of the Word 2022

This week will mark Matt Mullenweg’s 15th annual State of Word presentation about the vision for the Open Source project. The play on the State of Union speech started at regional conferences and, since the pandemic, has taken a new form based as a one off event in NYC.

The current State of the Word format keeps in-person attendees to a select few top community members and companies focusing on WordPress. The event is available to all streaming on YouTube and from Local WordPress meet-ups and WordCamp organizers have been encouraged to create watch parties around the event this year.

Cloudways at State of the Word 2022

We were lucky enough to get invited, and our Director of WordPress, Robert Jacobi, will join the live event. When asked about the event, Robert told us,

“It’s fantastic to be able to attend the State of the Word again. I’m very much looking forward to what Matt thinks were successes and obstacles in 2022, as well as the pipeline of features and goals for 2023! We will surely have a great ‘by the numbers’ section of the presentation, contributors, installs, etc., and I anticipate breakouts for blocks and patterns. I am also looking forward to more details about Openverse and additional Creative Commons content resources and how Gutenberg may grow beyond WordPress..”

Follow Robert Jacobi on Twitter or Tumblr for live updates.

How to watch State of the Word 2022

We at Cloudways live and breathe WordPress and are always excited to hear where the project is headed and get feedback from the community. State of the Word 2022 will be held December 15 in New York City from 1-2:30 PM EST. Join the live feed:”>Watch on

WordPress“>Watch on YouTube



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