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In conversation with Laravel Developer Stefan Zweifel

In conversation with Laravel Developer Stefan Zweifel

All the way from Zurich, Switzerland Cloudways is in conversation with Laravel developer Stefan Zweifel. Stefan is a web developer at an agency/software company in Zurich, Switzerland. starting his coding career by experimenting with code while playing World of Warcraft, Stefan Zweifel is now an influential developer in the laravel industry. Stefan spent lot of time working on internal tools to help the marketing and sales team, also fix bugs or add features to their e-commerce platform, develop JavaScript widgets which our clients can use, or design and code campaign landing pages for clients.

Shahzeb: Hello Stefan, thank you for taking the time out for this interview. Before we start, can you just tell us a little about yourself so our readers can get to know you better?

Stefan: Thanks for having me, Shahzeb. I‘m Stefan. I live in Zurich, Switzerland where I also work for a small agency/software company as a full stack developer. I design and build simple HTML websites, more or less complex UIs and widgets with Vue.js and help build and maintain monolithic backend services written in PHP with Laravel. (Not all alone of course. I have a great colleague that completes the dev-team.)

I also write code in my free time. In the last few years I’ve released a couple of cool side projects.

laravel-stats is a CLI that gives you a summary of the size and structure of your Laravel application.

screeenly, which is a web application, allows its users to create screenshots, PDFs and more from websites or their own HTML.

Or more low-level stuff like my “git-auto-commit” and “changelog-updater” GitHub Actions.

I just love writing code that solves my immediate problems.

When not sitting at the computer, I do sports, go hiking in the beautiful Swiss alps or cook food for friends and family.

Shahzeb: Can you share your journey with Laravel? Any relatable experience from your career you…

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