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A WordPress Page Caching Plugin

A WordPress Page Caching Plugin

It’s been quite a journey since I first stepped into the hosting industry. At first, I was a complete rookie like every starter, but with a very clear goal: to learn new things and follow the industry’s key players.
After getting acquainted with the basics of hosting & performance, I dug deep into the world of WordPress, finding new plugins every day and getting fascinated by the new learnings and discoveries.

My Journey to Surge’s Discovery

While following the industry’s key players, I came across Konstantin Kovshenin’s profile, the respected WordPress maestro, counted among the WordPress core contributors. The hosting connoisseur has worked with Automattic for over a decade and is one of the most recognized names in the realm of hosting and performance.
What intrigued me the most about him was the precious tips that he frequently shared on his profile, and I wasn’t a fool to make the mistake of not following him.
Konstantin’s profile became my go-to platform for learning hacks and getting updated with the latest industry happenings (with his exciting comments, of course). During that journey, I found that he had launched a plugin named “Surge.” He defined the plugin as “a simple WordPress caching plugin.”
Now before I continue my story, let’s understand a bit about page caching and Surge.

A Brief Introduction to Page Caching & Surge

Page caching is a simple phenomenon that improves your web pages’ load time and enhances the overall performance resulting in quicker access to the contents of cached pages.
When a user views a cached version, the pages are loaded quickly, saving their time and reducing server load by 80%. This is especially beneficial for high-traffic websites that use database information to serve the pages.
And Surge is a cache plugin that generates and serves static HTML files for your WordPress site. It provides a faster load time and a…

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