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What Is Visual Regression Testing? Types, Tools & Integration

What Is Visual Regression Testing? Types, Tools & Integration

A WordPress website needs regular updates to function properly. And this requires you to dive deeper into coding and may also get tedious at times. You can add new functionality to the site all by yourself, which may also cause design havoc.

That’s why you need visual regressing testing to ensure all the design-related changes are implemented well and your web pages still look fine after all the changes.

In this guide, I will explain visual regression testing and its importance and demonstrate its implementation on your WordPress sites.

So Let’s begin

Perform Visual Regression Testing on Your Site

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What Is Visual Regression Testing?

When you update your WordPress site, there is a 90 percent chance that the update will alter your website’s original visual appearance. You don’t want your customers to see any design changes before you explicitly make them.

And here’s when visual regression testing comes into play.

Visual regression testing identifies the visual defects in your web pages before it is out for customers. This helps ensure that your designs and layouts remain intact and the new code doesn’t affect your site’s visual elements.

Importance of Visual Regression Tests

Visual regression testing is crucial as it validates the appearance of your site’s visual elements. Moreover, it has many advantages as well, including:

Identifying unintentional changes to the website’s visual elements.
Saving costs by early identifying the costly visual bugs.
Enhancing the user experience by proactively validating your site’s visual appeal.
Saving you from unwanted surprises in your website’s design and layout.
Validating that the code changes don’t affect your website’s outlook.

How Do Visual Regression Tests Work?

Here’s a brief description of how visual regression tests usually…

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