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Winstina Shares Her Thoughts on the WordPress Community

Winstina Shares Her Thoughts on the WordPress Community

Winstina is an active member of the WordPress Community. She has led several WordPress NYC meetups and presented at various WordCamps. In 2020, Winstina became a core contributor to the 5.6 WordPress Release team and is a co-host of Women of WordPress NYC with Meryl Randman.

We are pleased to have her and would love to hear her views on WordCamp and what motivated her to continue the journey.

Danish: Hi Winstina; thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us how you started your career with WordPress? Any insights you’d like to share about your professional career?

Winstina: Hi, Danish. First, thank you for inviting me to share my story with Cloudways. I started using WordPress for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) assignment in college. My professor had us create a blog on and we were asked to add maps of public health data we analyzed. That’s where it all started.

Danish: Since you have been in the WordPress industry for a long time, what motivated you to continue with WordPress?

Winstina: That’s a great question. Our New York City WordPress community! My early years attending WordPress NYC Meetups were a joy, and the first several Meetup events I held were wonderful experiences. I’ve made friends over the years who I hold close to my heart. Additionally, I love to learn, and WordPress core is ever evolving.

Danish: You mentioned that you are an active member of the WordPress community. What role has the WordPress community played in your success as a developer and agency owner?

Winstina: I am an active member. I own a consulting company, and I have considered establishing a business presence within the WordPress ecosystem. I began my business developing websites while in graduate school, and WordPress has inspired me to hold on to my company. Since earning my Master, however, my focus has been on my career as a transportation planner at…

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