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Cloudways Sponsored the WordCamp Athens 2022 Event

Cloudways Sponsored the WordCamp Athens 2022 Event


Finally, WordCamp was live in Europe.

And guess what? Cloudways was sponsoring it.

Here, I’m interacting with a visitor at our booth with some cool swag and sweets. (who doesn’t like lollipops?)

You could also use our QR code at the table that would let you plant trees in Europe through the One Tree Planted organization. For every 60 trees planted, we’d make a donation.

WordCamp Athens 2022 was held from April 9 to 10 in Megaron Concert Hall, the beautiful venue that already hosted WC Athens a few years ago. As you can guess, the days were rich in Greek hospitality, not to mention the food, coffee, and juice perpetually on hand.

What Did They Talk About?

There were two tracks, one in the Skalkota room and the in the MC3 room. The Nikos Skalkotas hall hosted 8 speakers for Track 1, and MC3 did the same for Track 2.

Most of the talks were technical, and some centered on the evergreen topics of performance and WordPress optimization. We also had some interesting talks about the coding standards and rules developers should follow when developing a theme or a plugin.

Milana Cap’s “Docs, or It Didn’t Happen” explained the importance of documentation and of clarity on why something was done in the way it was. She delved into her process as documentation team lead at Make WordPress to document everything to keep track of the project.

Another not-so-technical talk was Vasilena Valchanova’s “Smart, Sassy, ​​or Sweet: Make Your Content Speak in Your Brand Voice”. This asked one super-smart question. You’re already producing useful content that educates and informs. But if you “remove the label” (or the logo in the header), will people know that content is yours?

The point is that people tend to connect with content that has a strong personality. In other words, it should be obvious that the specific brand produced that piece of content. That piece of…

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