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Kimberly Lipari, CEO of Valet, Shares Her WordPress Journey

Kimberly Lipari, CEO of Valet, Shares Her WordPress Journey

Hailing from Louisiana, USA, Kimberly Lipari helps website owners create secure and optimized platforms. Kimberley owns, a WordPress support provider service that connects you with WordPress pros to help you with website maintenance and optimization.

We’re excited to have a female entrepreneur with us who has made her name in the WordPress community and continues to inspire a lot of WordPress aspirants. Let’s learn more about her:

Danish: Hi Kimberly, thank you for joining us today. Let’s start by knowing how you started with WordPress. Any interesting anecdotes you’d like to share about your professional career?

Kimberly: I transitioned to web work right after the birth of my first child. It was a way for me to be home while still contributing to my family and filling a sense of purpose.

I started working at 16 and loved the independence it gave me, so it was important to me personally to keep working in some respect after starting a family. My first web job was on a plugin support team for an agency with a dozen plugins, definitely dove in head first!

Danish: You have been in the WordPress industry for a long time. What motivates you to continue with WordPress?

Kimberly: I’ve been working with WordPress for just over 10 years. The community is what really keeps me here. Getting to meet so many new, creative people has been such a joy!

Danish: You were engaged in engineering work before starting in the web world. We’d love to know why you chose to join the web world. How was your journey from an engineer to a web professional?

Kimberly: My engineering background gave me a great start in web. Learning how to understand large complex problems and map out solutions has been critical to my success on the web.

The transition from office to remote work was much harder, though. It felt very isolated initially, but I found ways to adjust, and now I really enjoy the…

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