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Revert multisite to single site

How to Revert a WordPress Multisite to a Single-Site in 2022

WordPress Multisite allows you to connect multiple sites and manage them easily. Many users integrate various websites into a single site to host them on a single network. This helps automatically update all sites whenever you change or update the WordPress core or plugins.

However, sometimes you may require a site in the multisite network to have its separate WordPress installation. And for that, you will need to revert it to a single site. There are several methods of doing this job, and this step-by-step guide will cover the two most popular and easy approaches to migrating a multisite to a single site.

WordPress-multisite-is-difficult”>Why Is Reverting a WordPress Multisite to a Single Site a Complicated Process?

In a WordPress multisite network, each website has a dedicated database, and the data is stored separately for each website. New dedicated databases are created whenever a website is added to a multisite network.

Since the data is kept altogether, reverting sites within a multisite network to a single site is more complex than converting a single site to a multisite.

The migration methods shared in this blog will help you understand how you can easily revert a WordPress multisite to a single site.

How to Migrate a WordPress Multisite Subsite to a Single Site [Manual Approach]

Before starting, create a backup of your multisite to proceed with the migration process safely. You can move a WordPress multisite subsite to a single site by following the steps shared below:

Install a New WordPress Site

You need a new WordPress site to migrate a subsite. Skip this step if you have already created a fresh WordPress site.

Here’s how you can instantly create a new WordPress site with Cloudways hosting.

Log in to the Cloudways Platform, or sign up for a new account to start your 3-day free trial
Click on Add Server
Choose WordPress application and name your application & server
Select the server type and…

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