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Alex Bordei - WordPress Developer Shares His Career Journey

Alex Bordei – WordPress Developer Shares His Career Journey

Alex Bordei is a senior full-stack developer with over 9 years of experience in software development. He has a solid background in C# and Java and has also stepped into WordPress and Laravel development.

He is a recognized speaker in the IT community and has spoken at over 50 IT conferences. And that’s not all. His life isn’t just around the coding lines; you’ll also find him jamming and playing multiple instruments. Let’s find out more about Alex in this exclusive interview.

Danish: Hi Alex, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us how you started your career with WordPress? Any insights you’d like to share about your professional career?

Alex: Hello Danish, thank you very much for having me.

Yes, this is a story that I love since WordPress saved my career and gave me the purpose I was looking for as a young developer.

I wanted something that really validates me and my work and also something very flexible in terms of challenges.

Everything started in the community. It was 2013, and I jumped into the second Bucharest WordPress Meetup event because I saw a friend of mine share the group on Facebook.

I met such beautiful and supportive people interested in sharing their knowledge and being part of the community there. These people helped me understand what WordPress really was and is about and how the interest in WordPress will be exploding shortly.

One of them and one of the most inspiring people in my life was Marius Vetrici, which I see you interviewed already.

A good insight for my professional life is to never stop learning regularly. I still have my 30 min. to 1-hour learning morning routine, and this turned out to be so powerful as time goes.

Danish: As a freelance WordPress developer at Codeable, what projects do you usually like to work on? How do you manage those projects?

Alex: At Codeable, I am mostly looking for custom development jobs on WordPress Core…

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