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How wpXPRESS Grew Despite the Challenging Times

How wpXPRESS Grew Despite the Challenging Times

wpXPRESS is a website development agency that offers WordPress development and maintenance services. It’s a Utah-based agency founded by Tevya Washburn in 2008. The agency had steady growth over the years and delivered stellar results to the clients.

In 2019, Tevya needed help with agency operations, and that’s how he met Pat Dumond, founder of another WP-focused development agency: Site Geeks. They collaborated to refine workflows, policies, and other operations for wpXPRESS.

In May 2020, Tevya passed away due to a pulmonary embolism after having flu-like symptoms for several weeks. PE is known to be a fatal side effect of COVID.

The news shocked everyone, and wpXPRESS needed someone to lead the agency. Tevya’s widow, Jill, offered Pat to acquire wpXPRESS, and she took the offer. Since 1st August 2020, wpXPRESS has been operating under Pat’s leadership.

wpXPRESS Services

wpXPRESS provides WordPress maintenance, support, hosting, and development to small businesses and non-profit agencies.

Pat jokes that Site Geeks’ niche was tiny businesses and non-profits run by people over 60.

“While we might be larger if we tightened our niche to dentists or pet stores, we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. Our member sites range from sites run by doulas to dog breeders and ecommerce sites for jewelry makers, bookstores, and girl campers. We host accountants, lawyers, architects, and beekeepers.” 

wpXPRESS takes pride in working closely with its clients and calls them “members.”

“Working for an enterprise-level non-profit like the World Wildlife Fund would be awesome, but we know our members and their websites. We celebrate their new babies and mourn the loss of their parents, and that’s how we like it.”

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Challenges Faced by wpXPRESS and How…

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