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How to Choose a WordPress Theme and What to Avoid

How to Choose a WordPress Theme and What to Avoid

Looking for the best WordPress theme for your website? You’ve landed at the right place, as this blog discusses all about choosing the right theme for your WordPress site.

An ideal WordPress theme should be well-optimized, reliable, performance-centric, and not just focused on the sparkling elements. Sure, an unoptimized,  aesthetically pleasant theme will get you all the eyes but may pull your site down in the SERPs.

But with the availability of thousands of WordPress themes, picking the right one can be challenging. However, we are here to help you out as this blog details the features needed for the best WordPress theme and discusses the factors you must avoid.

Let’s quickly dive in to discover the 10 tips on how to choose a WordPress theme so you can build a strong foundation for your website.

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Get Your Priorities Right

The first step in picking up a WordPress theme is understanding your requirements. Ask yourself (or your team) all the relevant questions to get more clarity:

Who is your targeted audience?
What is your audience’s intent?
Are you looking to sell your services or building a simple blogging site?

Once you have created a checklist of all your requirements, you can then prioritize your potential options.

I’d also recommend analyzing your competitor’s sites and seeing what theme they use. Evaluate your findings based on your observations and answer the following:

What particular section did you like? 
What areas can you improve? 
How many features do you want? 

Add all this information to your ‘checklist’, and start from there.

Free vs Paid – Which One Is Better?

You’ll find both free and paid themes in the” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>WordPress repository, and the selection of them depends on your requirements. Premium themes claim to have quality code, appealing design, and generally are more trustworthy.

But at times, all such…

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