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Announcing the Partnership With Astra Pro

Announcing the Partnership With Astra Pro

At Cloudways, we love WordPress – a platform that has gifted users the world over a vast playground for their imaginative creations in this online ecosystem.

And we’re a little obsessed with bringing more value to web creators and businesses. As a sizable managed cloud hosting provider and part of this ecosystem, our efforts revolve around offering smart functionality that fuels an easier WordPress digital experience for the end-user.

That’s where our partnership with Astra comes in, and it couldn’t have happened more opportunely.

With big names in the WordPress community commenting about performance, extendability, accessibility, and complexity, it’s clear key players in the WordPress ecosystem can support our beloved open-source to respond to key changes in the market.

Talks like this by Noel Tok in 2019 addressed this, elaborating on the shifting consumer business needs over the years and the value behind a smarter WordPress.

Why Astra Pro + Cloudways? WordPress Simplicity

Optimized for speed and performance, the Astra theme lets users build and customize websites into works of art without an atom of coding knowledge. With more than 1.6 million websites using Astra, it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market.

Astra Pro is a plugin that adds more features enhancing the theme’s capabilities even further! And now, Cloudways has partnered up with Astra, so you can easily build professional & powerful websites or online stores in mere hours. That means you save on time and money you can invest into your business to maximize your profits!

And the kicker?

When you launch a website with Astra through the Cloudways platform, the theme’s premium Astra Pro license comes bundled. And it’s FREE for a year to use on as many websites as you want.

What Do You Get Out of the Astra Pro Bundle?

The Astra Pro bundle unlocks all premium capabilities of the theme…

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