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The Top 14 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in 2022

The Top 14 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in 2022

It’s a fantastic feeling to have your website and content viewed by thousands of people. Even better is to see that traffic converts into leads and sales. Don’t let your audience drop out right before the finish line – they need to be willing to make the purchase or give out their information.

This is where understanding the customer journey and workflow comes in. How are customers interacting with your website? Which parts are they engaging with, and which are they ignoring?

Knowing the answers to these vital questions can help you streamline customer experiences and increase conversion rates.

This article will share 14 highly rated conversion rate optimization tools to help you better understand website performance and make informed, data-backed decisions.

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Here are some of the most popular conversion rate optimization tools in use today.

CRO Testing Tools

Here are some of the popular CRO tools that you can choose for testing new changes.

1. HelloBar

The HelloBar plugin integrates a variety of popups to websites to turn traffic into customers.

With HelloBar, you can considerably reduce guesswork to narrow down high conversion call-to-actions. Multiple analytics tools like HelloBar Elementor provide effective A/B testing and precise visual data.

The two great things about HelloBar are customizability and compatibility.

A single-step installation enables easy WordPress-like integration with Wix and Shopify. HelloBar is also compatible with various website templates, meaning you can have popup banners with clear CTAs up in minutes.

Add the website conversion tool’s straightforward interface and free starter plan to the mix, and you have a winning formula for one of the best conversion rate optimization tools.

2. HotJar

HotJar is heat mapping…

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