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Cloudflare Enterprise | Faster & Secure Hosting Guaranteed

Cloudflare Enterprise | Faster & Secure Hosting Guaranteed

Cloudways has continually, relentlessly prioritized quality, performance, and security on our platform. Today, we are so very excited to announce our latest partnership with Cloudflare, that opens up enterprise-grade security and performance to agencies, web professionals, and SMBs of all sizes.

Why We Partnered with Cloudflare

As helpful as the CDN add-on solution we’ve been offering over the past years was, over time, it failed to meet our expectations in terms of quality and performance. There have been several incidents, including the unavailability of the service during last year’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday period, that convinced us we needed to quickly find a reliable alternative. There was also customer feedback that requested increased security, especially protection against hackers and DDoS attacks.

Therefore, after a thorough evaluation by our engineering team and an extended beta testing period inviting users to try the service, we decided to partner with Cloudflare, an innovator with the strongest product and strategy in cloud edge technology. Cloudflare was named a 2020 “Customer’s Choice” for CDN and WAF in Gartner Peer Insights and is the leading cloud edge development platform according to Forrester’s Q4 2021 evaluation.

We Invited Our Customers to a Cloudflare Beta Test. Here is What They Had to Say.

“Cloudways has made it possible to effortlessly activate Enterprise-grade security and performance on a per-application basis at a fraction of the cost. With their Cloudflare partnership and already top-tier support, our clients can rest easy knowing that we’ve got their back.”

Elliott Mangham

Founder & Director, Code Resolution

“Bringing powerful tools and scalable hosting infrastructure to everyone is something Cloudways gets right every time. The Cloudflare Enterprise integration once again brings us industry leading and otherwise…

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