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Why Developers Should Go For Laravel

Why Developers Should Go For Laravel

In 2022, there are a number of well-known PHP frameworks available. So what makes developers choose Laravel? There are also any number of hosting services available that developers can use to launch and host their finished apps and websites. So what makes them choose Cloudways?

In a nutshell, developers find Laravel eases the development process to a great degree without compromising application functionality. And they have very specific demands from their hosting providers to ensure their apps and websites run smoothly – demands that Cloudways is fully able to meet.

In this piece, we’ll break down in detail why developers gravitate towards Laravel, what they require from hosting services, and how Cloudways lives up to those requirements.

9 Reasons Why Developers Build with Laravel and X Reasons They Host on Cloudways

What Makes Laravel Such a Great Choice for Developers?

Laravel’s extreme popularity (over 741,766 live websites!) hinges on how it removes the pain from the developmental process. It simplifies the mundane and routine tasks performed in every other web project, such as routing, sessions, authentication and caching. Here’s what’s so great about it.

It Has a Short Learning Curve, and the Community is Supportive

Among developers, Laravel is considered to be easy to learn and use, particularly if you’ve worked with PHP. The community of Laravel developers is a mature one, and it plays a large hand in helping newbies out whenever they’re stuck. The documentation is thorough, and there are plenty of resources to help out developers, on platforms like Laracast,, Reddit Laravel and our very own Cloudways Community.

What’s more, there are hundreds of Laravel libraries, including comprehensive Laravel outlines on 20+ distinctive Object Oriented libraries – more so than in any other PHP system like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, or Zend System 2….

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