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9 Tips to Improve Your Web Rankings

9 Tips to Improve Your Web Rankings

Are you tired of slow loading times and poor user experience on your WordPress site? Whether boosting conversion rates or climbing search engine rankings, the user experience matters.

Ask yourself: How often have you left an ecommerce website because it took ages to load? We’ve all been there.

For a better user experience, you may have already installed some recommended WordPress speed and optimization plugins, but there’s more to it – the elusive Core Web Vitals.

But what are they? Why are they so crucial? And how can you improve them for your WordPress site?

If you’re struggling to see your website on the first page of Google, this blog will help you understand how Core Web Vitals and SEO might drive your website’s future.

Why Are Core Web Vitals Important?

Core Web Vitals and SEO matter because they gauge user interaction and tie directly to the website experience. Positive experience boosts visitor actions like subscribing, purchasing, or inquiring. Slow loading times can lead visitors to leave for competitors.

Google considers Core Web Vitals as an important ranking factor influencing search engine placement. The better the user experience, the higher your website will rank.

Google prioritizes quality results for users, underscoring their importance for user experience metrics. Here’s why Core Web Vitals ranking factor matters!

What’s the Minimum Core Web Vitals Passing Score?

Need Improvement




INP (experimental)

💡 Note: Interaction to Next Paint (INP), an upcoming Core Web Vital metric, is set to replace First Input Delay (FID) starting from March 2024.

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