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Add Product Tags, Attributes, and Categories to WooCommerce

Add Product Tags, Attributes, and Categories to WooCommerce

Do you have a WooCommerce store that needs help with product tags, categories, and attributes? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

Product tags and attributes are necessary for a high-converting WooCommerce store (I’ll tell you “why” later in this blog). So let’s dig in and make your stores describe exactly what you sell, so you convert better and make more $$$.

Identification labels definitely help fulfill your WooCommerce store’s mission, and you need to create them for several reasons, including:

1. SEO Assistance
Neat and clean labels communicate your store’s necessary information to search engines. As a result, you get more discoverable and attract your target customers.

2. Better Shopping Experience
When your product pictures show the right labels, your visitors know the exact specifications of your products, thus removing confusion and making their buying decisions easier.

3. Better Store Organization
WooCommerce stores that sell many products may get mismanaged without the right labels. But having the labels make their trackability easier. Labels also help you see if the products are available in the inventory or need to be restocked.

Think of these WooCommerce labels as the labels you see on the physical products. But with much more features since they are digital.

They communicate the necessary information a visitor will need, help with SEO, and keep you organized. And without these labels, running a store can be havoc.

Now, let’s dive deeper and explore these labels and how to add them to your WooCommerce stores.

You might get confused between the terms categories, tags, and attributes because they overlap. But they aren’t the same. And surely not to be used interchangeably.

Let’s see the difference between them and knock off the confusion.

Product Categories
Product Tags
Product Attributes

These are like big groups of the stuff you sell. They help organize your products for different types of customers.
Tags are the labels that describe your products using the right keywords. They also help sort products into…

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