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How to Use New Relic WordPress to Find Performance Issues?

How to Use New Relic WordPress to Find Performance Issues?

New Relic APM is a super handy tool that lets you monitor the nitty-gritty of your WordPress website.

It’s like putting on X-ray specs for your site, helping you spot troublemakers like problematic plugins, themes, sluggish database queries, or sneaky coding errors that are messing with your site’s performance.

The cool part is that if you’re using Cloudways, New Relic is already pre-installed by default, all ready to roll. So you don’t have to mess around with the installation steps.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of using New Relic WordPress APM to identify and resolve performance issues on your WordPress site.

What Is New Relic?

New Relic is a real-time web application performance service designed to provide comprehensive monitoring for your web applications.

It offers dynamic server monitoring through New Relic Infrastructure, enabling you to gain insights into the performance of complex systems, whether in physical data centers or cloud instances.

New Relic acts as a performance dashboard with deep visibility, allowing you to analyze your web application’s performance from the end user’s perspective down to the code level.

It also simplifies the monitoring, troubleshooting, and scaling of web applications, providing crucial performance data such as browser response times, real-time web transactions, and more.

Plus, New Relic is compatible with various web development languages and operates as a versatile, accessible service that enhances your web apps’ speed and efficiency.

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Why Use New Relic?

In our experience, the main culprits behind performance hiccups often come from hiccups in plugin or theme updates, not-so-efficient code,…

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