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WordPress Next-Gen Images Formats: A Comprehensive Guide

WordPress Next-Gen Images Formats: A Comprehensive Guide

Serving images in next-gen formats is designed to address the limitations and challenges posed by traditional image formats, such as JPEG and PNG. Their primary focus is to improve image quality, reduce file sizes, and enhance flexibility for a wide range of applications.

These formats represent a pivotal shift in handling and sharing visual content. They promise high-quality images with reduced file sizes and increased versatility, making them indispensable in various sectors, including web development, digital marketing, and multimedia content delivery. As technology advances, these formats are likely to play a vital role in reshaping the landscape of digital imaging.

This blog discussed next-gen formats in detail and the steps to serve images in these formats on your WordPress site. Keep reading to find out more.

What Are Next-Gen Formats in WordPress?

As content creators seek to optimize their websites for faster loading times, next-gen image formats have become a valuable tool in achieving this goal. They are divided into two types: AVIF and WebP.


AVIF format is well-suited for developers looking to optimize page loading speeds and reduce data usage while maintaining superior image quality.

As a future-proof solution, AVIF is set to play an integral role in the digital imaging landscape, ensuring that images remain visually appealing and readily accessible. Google’s developers suggest that a WebP image with lossy compression could be 25% to 34% smaller than a comparable JPEG file.


WebP is another groundbreaking image format introduced by Google and is known for its exceptional compression efficiency.

WebP is ideal for various web applications, including responsive design, where fast loading and optimal image quality are crucial. With widespread support across browsers and growing adoption, WebP has become an essential tool for developers and content creators looking…

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