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Key Features and Benefits You Need to Know

Key Features and Benefits You Need to Know

Drupal is a powerful, open-source content management system that has been serving users for over two decades. With the latest release of Drupal 10, users can expect even greater customization and performance, making it easier to create and manage digital experiences that meet their needs.

Drupal 10 was released on December 14, 2022, and it’s a major release after Drupal 7 In this article, I will delve into the exciting new features, deprecations dependency changes of Drupal 10 and how it can help you create powerful websites.

What’s New in Drupal 10?

Drupal 10 introduces several new and improved features that make it an even more user-friendly platform whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting with it. Some of the key features in Drupal 10 include: Claro and Olivero themes, CKEditor 5, JavaScript components, Theme Starterkit, and Symfony 6.

Claro Administration Theme

Claro is a new administration theme introduced in Drupal 10. It’s designed to provide a modern and user-friendly interface for administering your Drupal website. Claro replaces the Seven administration theme, which was used in previous versions of Drupal.

Claro features a modern and sleek interface that provides a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for administrators, Moreover Claro has been designed with accessibility in mind, making it easier for users with disabilities to navigate and use the Drupal administration interface.

The design of the Claro administration theme has been aligned with the Olivero default theme, providing a consistent look and feel between the front-end and back-end of your Drupal website, that enable fast-loading performance, ensuring that the administration interface is quick and responsive, even on slower internet connections.

Olivero Default Theme

Olivero is a new default theme introduced in Drupal 10.

It’s a modern, fully responsive, and accessible…

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