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Interview With Priyal Trivedi of Navigate Commerce

Interview With Priyal Trivedi of Navigate Commerce

Priyal Trivedi is a Client Acquisition Specialist at Navigate Commerce, which provides ecommerce solutions for businesses.

In her role as a Client Acquisition Specialist, Priyal is responsible for identifying and securing new clients for the company and managing relationships with existing clients. She has a proven track record of success in this field and is known for her ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities.

With her strong communication and negotiation skills, Priyal effectively markets Navigate Commerce’s services to potential clients and helps them understand how the company can support their business goals. Read this interview to learn more about her.

Abdur Rahman: Hi, Priyal Trivedi. It’s lovely to have you with us! Could you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself? Walk us through your journey so far.

Priyal: Hello, Abdur, It’s nice to connect with you. I have been in customer service throughout my career and have worked with multiple industries. So my key focus is to serve every customer the best of their needs.

In a professional network, where we are in cut-throat competition, as in Asian markets where affordable resources are easy to find, there’s a lack of empathy in serving customers. So yes, I am here if anyone wants me to be a customer’s side. I would love to communicate and help merchants with their commerce needs. 😊

Abdur Rahman: You are working with Shopify along with Magento. So what are the Magento key features because of which, do you prefer Magento, and in what scenarios is Magento the most preferred ecommerce platform?

Priyal: I’m not in the rat race of agencies who put platforms in comparison, TBH. So, If you want me to answer why we love to work on Magento because of their flexibility. It is been years, there’s a strong foundation of community across the globe, and still, the community in other forms…

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