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WordPress Full Site Editing: An In-Depth Guide (2022)

WordPress Full Site Editing: An In-Depth Guide (2022)

WordPress 5.8 first teased full site editing with the template editor. And now, the latest WordPress 5.9 version lets you comprehensively experience all aspects of this major update.

FSE’s visual editing capabilities and user-friendly features make working with different parts of your site much easier. But how long does it take to familiarize yourself with these new changes and enjoy the seamless editing experience? Read on to find out everything you need to know about WordPress full site editing in this blog.

Before we jump into learning the new changes introduced with full site editing, let’s learn a bit about WordPress full site editing.

What Is WordPress Full Site Editing?

Full site editing basically runs around the concept of blocks. Previously, the site’s content area could be edited through blocks. With full site editing, every part of your website will be treated as a block.

This major update allows users to work with the global and page elements on a single interface. Also, it has introduced new development tools and a new theme config file.

Once you’ve upgraded your WordPress version to 5.9, you’ll be required to activate a full site editing theme, e.g., Twenty Twenty-Two. And after that, you can build a whole website using just the Gutenberg blocks.

Experience the Latest WordPress Version

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How Does Full Site Editing Benefit You?

Full site editing makes building & designing a WordPress website easier than ever before. You can use the same editor to define the global elements and make any changes on the page.

What are global elements?

Global elements are the elements, containers, and columns that can be deployed on your entire website when assigned.

This new method saves time by letting you make changes on the website or any individual page. You see all the live changes while editing,…

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