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October CMS - Laravel Based Framework: All You Need To Know

October CMS – Laravel Based Framework: All You Need To Know

October CMS is a Content Management System (CMS) and web platform created out of dissatisfaction with existing frameworks. Building websites, either using code editors or certain IDE has become a convoluted and confounding process that leaves engineers dissatisfied. October CMS turns you around to the simpler side and takes you back to the basics.

OctoberCMS has numerous native features to make strides for your website such as secure email notices. There’s also a long list of plugins to assist you to accomplish your goals without having to alter code. You’ll see plugins data at OctoberCMS before installing it within your dashboard.

October CMS All you need to know

What is October CMS

October CMS is a lightweight, back-to-the-essentials content management system developed on Laravel, and on a mission to create your web development workflow simple. It brags a very simple and quick learning bend, which ensures that you’ll be off the ground and up and running in no time at all. October Cms is adaptable and extensible through the plugin system, is effectively maintainable through its file-based framework, and permits for the easy creation of administrative back-end interfacing.

October CMS is a great platform to use because it is based on Laravel which is a framework used to build cutting-edge applications. After seven years of presence, it has received positive endorsement from designers and marks a particular differentiation over coding in WordPress. WordPress is generally procedural programming, whereas Laravel is object-oriented programming.

Why Go for October CMS

The core of October CMS is lightweight and builds a strong establishment as it is based on the Laravel framework. Out of the box, the core features are accessible, suggesting there are no unnecessary features.

The platform is exceptionally adaptable and more features can be added using plugins from the October…

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