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The Dos and Don’ts for WordPress Membership Hosting

dnd membership

Most WordPress websites can be classified as either simple or complex. Business portfolio or informative websites are fairly simple, while others such as online learning and membership sites fall into the latter category.

Online learning platforms, discussion forums, social networks or other membership websites require special attention to detail for proper configuration and set up. Otherwise, it will be a constant hassle to optimize for scalability, performance, speed, and longevity.

Here, I will go over the challenges, dos, and don’ts of hosting WordPress membership sites to help you cover all of your bases.

Let’s get to it, then.

Types of WordPress Membership Websites

Let’s view the types of WordPress memberships, and the purposes they serve:

  • Online learning websites that use LMS to organize and sell courses to students.
  • Community forums to discuss similar interests or provide answers to questions asked by other members.
  • Social networks
  • E-commerce websites that provide incentives, review systems or special deals to members.

When looking for hosting for these complex sites, carefully consider all of the dos and don’ts in this piece for optimum performance.

Challenges faced by users in WordPress Membership Hosting

Unlike business portfolio websites, WordPress membership websites are not static. The content is not just sitting there, but constantly enhanced and evolving. Some websites are password-protected for limited access to a set of information, while others…

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

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