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Lost Media Group’s Value-Proposition-First Success Strategy


Lost Media Group, founded in 2020, with a fully remote team, is a world-class digital marketing and optimization team—equipped with the knowledge and experience of providing management consultancy, and the marketing skills and digital fluency that should be a core of a media group.

When we asked them about their approach towards their business, they told us how they focus on achieving consistent and sustainable results for their clients (both B2B and B2C businesses.

“We are the only group (I’m aware of) using a value-proposition-first approach to marketing to get consistent, sustainable results for B2B and B2C businesses.”

Their philosophy is to make their client businesses stand out from their competition and ensure that they cover each aspect of marketing for them. Whether it is measuring KPIs, running campaigns, or sending emails, Lost Media Group is in it to win it.

Lost Media Group’s Diverse Niche

Lost Media Group focuses on value proposition discovery, digital marketing strategy, and conversion rate optimization.

They have chosen these areas after realizing how minute changes in communication style can garner positive results.

“…thousands of A/B tests across dozens of industries taught us that even marginal changes in messaging or experience can impact people’s choices.”

Using the knowledge they have been able to gather, they have successfully built a team dedicated to a single purpose – to help businesses stand out from their competition by…

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

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